Author: Tobias Steiner

Call for Chapters: Comics Beyond the Page in Latin America. Deadline: Jan 31, 2018.

The recent resurgence in the popularity of comics and graphic novels has been accompanied by a concurrent expansion of the wider comics field. The wealth of comic cons and events, adaptations into and out of comics, the remediation and redeployment of comics and comics iconography in public spaces and art galleries, and digital and online comics and related forums, all pay testament to the increasing way in which comics circulate and exist beyond the page. Our aim in the collection Comics Beyond the Page in Latin America is to explore this expanding comics field in this region. Since the...

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CfP: Association of Adaptation Studies Annual Conference 2018: ‘Facts: True, Alternative, Evolving’ Sept 27-28, 2018 @ University of Amsterdam (NED). Deadline: March 1, 2018.

Association of Adaptation Studies Annual Conference 2018 Facts: True, Alternative, Evolving with a special focus on Entertainment Franchises The University of Amsterdam | 27-28 September 2018 Confirmed Keynotes: Professor James Chapman (University of Leicester, UK) Professor Christine Geraghty (Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Glasgow) We live in a ‘post truth’ world populated by ‘alternative facts’. Both terms are politically, narratively and aesthetically resonant as applied to, and in conversation with, adaptation studies. The 2018 Association for Adaptation Studies annual conference invites reflection on questions of truth, untruth and post-truth in the context of adaptation studies, as well as on...

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June and Leon Bernicoff, a progressive Liverpool couple married for over 60 years, were never your typical reality TV stars. But since the premiere of of Gogglebox (2013-present, Channel 4), the two retired teachers became early favorites since the series 2013 premiere, essentially due to their empathy and openness towards difference, marital banter suffused with unrelenting affection, as well as their liberal-minded commentary on British politics and global events. It was also their genuine charm and warmth, alongside Leon’s special brand of unabashed honesty (for example, once calling Nigel Farage a “dickhead”) that his recent December 23rd passing shook...

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Call for contributions: Workshop “Re-coding Black Mirror”. April 24, 2018 @ The WEB Conference, Lyon, FR. Deadline: Feb 10, 2018.

Web page: One day workshop The WEB Conference 2018 24 April 2018, Lyon =====MOTIVATION===== Black Mirror is a British sci-fi series directed by Charlie Brooker portraying a dystopian future emanating from the wide use of digital advancements. Even though Black Mirror’s episodes do not entirely rely on the widespread availability of existing technology, some of the advancements presented are not from such a distant future. The ethical and social implications emerging from the increasing reliance on digital media (partly depicted in the series) has been a longstanding debate in critical studies underlying issues around privacy, social control, social...

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CfP: 1st International Media and Nostalgia Network (IMNN) conference “Communicative forms and practices of nostalgia: conceptual, critical and historical perspectives” Nov 8-9, 2018 @ Södertörn University, Stockholm, SWE. Deadline: March 15, 2018.

The start of the 21st century is marked by a persistence of nostalgic feelings; there is a lasting tendency in politics, culture, and the entertainment industry to use nostalgia as a tool to engage people in voting, buying, consuming, and “productively” participating in societies, in both Western countries and across the world. Yet thinking of nostalgia only as a top-down phenomenon does not encompass either the dynamics of its circulation or its significance in contemporary mediatized societies. Nostalgia has also become deeply anchored in people´s everyday lives. Not only are contemporary media users the targets of nostalgia-evoking communication by...

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