CSTonline welcomes blogs on any aspect of television: conference reports, reviews, immediate responses to current debates within TV as well as short academic pieces.  As we are online there is no word limit, however, 1,000 words or below would be the ideal amount for reading online.

We can accommodate pictures as long as they are sent as jpg attachment indicating clearly where each picture will go within the main body of the text, and provide a brief description to go with each picture. We generally use “Fig. x” as in-caption categorisation for each picture, so first image would be “Fig. 1”, second would be “Fig. 2”, etc.

We encourage you to use footnotes in your Word doc submission – please refrain from using endnotes, as this will mean additional work for the editorial team, who will need to convert each of those to footnotes so as to fit our system requirements.

Links can be directly embedded in your Word document, such as: “This way to CSTonline, please.”

We can also embed youtube or vimeo videos. Please indicate clearly where to place them, and provide us with the video URL.

Please include an up-to-date bio, this will  be added at the bottom of your blog. Please refer to our recent blog post for inspiration of how to write these 🙂

Email all blogs as word documents to kimakass@hotmail.com.