CfP: The Velvet Light Trap #86 “Queerness in the Digital Age” Deadline: July 31, 2019. 14/06/2019

CfP: CRAS special issue “New Television”. Deadline: Aug 01, 2019. 14/06/2019

CfP: Learning on Screen, ViewFinder journal – theme ‘Migration’. Deadline: September 2019. 07/06/2019

CfP: VIEW Issue 18: Tele(visualising) health. Deadline: Jun 01, 2019. 26/05/2019

CFP : Scottish Studies / Études écossaises n°18: “Scotland and the Moving Image” Deadline: July 15, 2019 10/05/2019

CfP: Feminist Media Studies “Independent Women: From Film to Television” Deadline: May 31, 2019. 05/04/2019

CfP: SFFT special issue “Global Utopian Film and TV in the Age of Dystopia”. Deadline: April 1, 2019. 22/02/2019

CfP: Kinephanos issue “Beyond Netflix: Studying the diversity of practices and platforms in the era of over-the-top television”. Deadline: Feb 28, 2019. 21/02/2019

CfP: special issue of Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, ‘Nordic Production Studies’. Deadline: March 31, 2019. 01/02/2019

CfP: journal NECSUS Autumn 2019_#Gesture. Deadline: Jan 15, 2019. 09/12/2018

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CfP: special issue, Nordicom “Dark Screens: The Geopolitics of Nordic Television Drama”. Deadline: Jan 15, 2019. 16/11/2018

CfP: JDMP (former IJDT) special issue “Interfacing public communications in the digital economy”. Deadline: Nov 30, 2018. 16/11/2018

CfP: Convergence special issue “Back to the Future: Telling and Taming Anticipatory Media Visions and Technologies”. Deadline: Dec 1, 2018. 09/11/2018

CfP: NANO, special issue “Twin Peaks: Season Three”. Deadline: Jan 31, 2019. 26/10/2018

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CfP: special issue of Convergence “Back to the Future: Telling and Taming Anticipatory Media Visions and Technologies”. Deadline: Dec 01, 2018. 27/07/2018

CfP: The Comic Grid special collection “Creating Comics, Creative Comics”. Deadline: Oct 1, 2018. 21/07/2018

CfP: Media Fields Journal #14: At the Edges. Deadline: Sept 28, 2018. 13/07/2018

CfP: VIEW Journal “Canned Television Going Global?”. Deadline: Nov 19, 2018. 01/06/2018

CfP: Feminist Media Studies, Commentary and Criticism section: “Gender, Migration, and the Media”. Deadline: June 18, 2018. 01/06/2018

CfP: Journal of Scandinavian Cinema special issue “Spies in Scandinavia: Intelligence and counterintelligence in the Nordic countries”. Deadline: June 10, 2018. 01/06/2018

CfP: Radical History Review, issue 137 “Policing, Justice, and the Radical Imagination”. Deadline: Sept 01, 2018. 25/05/2018

CfP: Convergence, Special issue “Rethinking the distinction between old and new media”. Deadline: May 31, 2018. 23/05/2018