Author: Tobias Steiner

CFP: Mai: Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture: “Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Sex in Contemporary Film and TV”, Deadline: July 31, 2017

The newly founded feminist and LGBTQIA+ journal Mai is seeking contributions to its special edition, which revolves around ‘Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Sex in Contemporary Film and TV’. /Mai/ is a new journal founded and edited by Anna Backman Rogers (Senior Lecturer in Feminist Philosophy and Visual Culture, University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and is named after the Swedish feminist filmmaker Mai Zetterling. The journal aims to become the basis for an intersectional feminist and queer collective of scholars, writers, artists and activists. We are hoping for the edition to be published by March 2018, and we are also keen on receiving a range of papers, and other experimental pieces, which can be defined by contributors. Conventional or standard academic papers should be 5,000 – 6,000 words in length, although we will consider some shorter pieces of 3,000 words. Other pieces, such as interviews for instance, should aim to stick to this word limit too (5-6,000 words). For the sake of this edition, ‘contemporary’ can also be loosely defined by those who submit papers, but generally means media texts released after 2000. Papers may centre on: How contemporary Film and TV is stylistically or narratively representing sex. What role sex plays within genre or narrative more broadly. How different film/TV cultures use or represent sex to tell a story or to further character development. The political ramifications of screening...

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CfP: “At home with horror? Terror on the small screen” Oct 27-28, 2017 @University of Kent. Deadline: June 30, 2017

The Melodrama Research Group presents: At home with horror? Terror on the small screen 27th-28th October 2017, University of Kent Keynote speaker: Dr Helen Wheatley (University of Warwick)   CALL FOR PAPERS The recent horror output on TV and the small screen challenges what Matt Hills found to be the overriding assumption ‘that film is the [horror] genre’s ‘natural’ home’ (Hills 2005, 111). Programmes such as American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful and The Walking Dead are aligned to ‘‘quality TV’, yet use horror imagery and ideas to present a form and style of television that is ‘not ordinary’’ (Johnston...

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ITV recently broadcast Goodbye Granadaland, a 90 minute valedictory celebration of the output of Granada’s studios in central Manchester ahead of its forthcoming relocation to the nearby Salford Media City complex. The programme lined up a nostalgic parade of programmes from Granada’s programming history: the television milestone Coronation Street –obviously – as well as pioneering factual series running the gamut from World in Action to This Morning. However, among the impressive line-up of prestige drama production that was cited in the programme, including Brideshead Revisited, The Jewel in the Crown and Prime Suspect, no mention at all was made...

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The horror that the residents, firefighters and loved ones experienced as London’s Grenfell Tower burned is almost unspeakable. Maybe that’s why so much of the coverage was just images. As details emerge about the lack of support and attention to warnings, the event and its toll is also unforgivable. Watching the event unfold via television on the other side of the world felt almost intrusive – was baring witness to this something that could ultimately help anyone (or anything)? Or was this a way of creating further distance and a bigger spectacle – hence creating a larger distance between...

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What Students Want to Write About (Final Project) I have been absent from CST for too long. The reason for my absence has been entirely due to my commitment to work and students undergoing their ‘Final Year Project’. In January I was given the honour and task of guiding 150 BATAR (BA Television and Radio) final-year students through their last, and arguably most important, Theory Essay. I also had to guide Students through a Critical Reflective Essay. My duties included providing lectures on how to tackle the essay question, lectures on how to approach critical essay writing, providing one-to-one...

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