Author: Tobias Steiner


Thank goodness for W1A (2014-17), the now defunct satire on life at New Broadcasting House first launched in the run-up to the BBC’s traumatic renewal of its Royal Charter (‘Don’t forget it’s a Royal Charter’ declared ‘Head of Values’ in the hour-long special which kicked off W1A’s second series (BBC2 23.4.2015)). Now that Charter Renewal and all its attendant upheavals are in place, lets hope that the Corporation doesn’t loose its sense of humour. An eye for the ridiculous is needed more than ever in the new broadcasting utopia where communications regulator, Ofcom, set up in 2003 with a...

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How should the BBC make its huge archive public? This is the challenge that faces Peter Rippon, the newly appointed Editor of BBC Online Archive. Appointed a few months after the demise of the unmourned BBC Store in May, this appointment of a senior broadcaster shows a new seriousness of purpose in an area that seemed to be dying of neglect. It is a long time since Greg Dyke announced that the BBC’s archival programmes belong to the licence fee payers who paid for them, rather than the institution that made them and guards them. BBC Store was an...

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CfP: Critical Studies in Television Conference “State of Play: Television Scholarship in ‘TVIV’”, Sept 5-7, 2018 @ Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK. Deadline: March 2, 2018.

Outline: Television is and always has been changing. The recent shifts, connected to new, online providers creating their own content and offering new forms of distribution, have led to some scholars (Jenners 2016) questioning if the age of TVIV has arrived. While Mareike Jenners remains unconvinced that the transformations are significant enough to warrant such a description, it is nevertheless noticeable that the recent changes affecting television have also had an impact on our subject of television studies. For example, Catherine Johnson’s work (2007, 2012) points to how even the transformations brought about by the deregulation and commercialisation of...

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CfP: ECREA 2018, 7th European Communication Conference (ECC) “Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation”, Oct 31-Nov 3, 2018 @ Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, SUI. Deadline: Feb 28, 2018.

The European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) in partnership with USI Università della Svizzera italiana call for proposals to be presented at the 7th European Communication Conference, to be held in Lugano, Switzerland, from 31 October to 3 November 2018. ECREA and USI are delighted to host the 7th European Communication Conference (ECC). The Conference has chosen the key theme of “Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation”. Organisers call for proposals that address the main conference theme and which relate to each ECREA Section, Network or Temporary Working Group. Conference theme This conference aims to analyse and to address...

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From February 26th to March 1st 2011 a war was fought on the pages of the image sharing website 4chan (“home to numerous boards where anonymous posters discuss everything from anime, to sports, to paranormal activity, to torture porn”[1]). While short-lived, and practically invisible to those not involved with the website, this ‘Pony War’ would help spring a particular fandom into internet infamy; Bronies, the adult make fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010-). In October 2010 an article was posted to 4chan’s comics and cartoons board entitled ‘The End of the Creator Driven Era in TV...

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