Author: Tobias Steiner

Reminder – CfP: Edited collection “Global TV Horror”. Deadline: Feb 28, 2018.

When Stacey Abbott and Lorna Jowett hatched the idea for a book on TV Horror in the early 2000s, they had only a sense that by the time the book was published in 2012 there would be many more horror TV series to watch, write about, and discuss. In this follow up to TV Horror, the first full-length examination of horror on television, they take aim at global TV horror. Television audiences and horror fans across the world may be most familiar with the latest big brands in TV horror such as The Walking Dead (US, 2010-), yet horror...

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Call for abstracts: Special Issue on “Making time in digital societies: Considering the interplay of media, data and temporalities” in New Media & Society. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Special Issue on “Making time in digital societies: Considering the interplay of media, data and temporalities” in New Media & Society Guest Editors: Christine Lohmeier (University of Bremen), Anne Kaun (Södertörn University), & Christian Pentzold(University of Bremen) Studying media and communication processes through the lens of time and temporality enjoys a long history. Waves of technological innovation such as mechanization and electrification have come with a profound reconfiguration of social time. This holds true for datafication too. Datafication – referring to processes of quantification and the transformation of evermore objects into data, as well as the automation of judgements, evaluations, and decision-making – requires us to rethink, once again, the relationship between media, data, and temporality. The...

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In a world of increased professional mobility, which often transplants scholars internationally for various lengths of stay, I have always felt myself at home with television. No matter where I moved – access being less of a problem today than ever before, I found a way to reconnect with what I loved, explore what is new, and understand the culture (and its misrepresentations) with a little help of my screen friends. Always interested in foreign content, I was quite happy when I could follow my Friends (NBC) on DVD while in Germany, access Tatort (ARD) in the Mediathek from...

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CfP: conference “Taboo and the Media”. Sept 20-22, 2018 @ Bertinoro (ITA). Deadline: March 15, 2018.

Call for Papers TABOO AND THE MEDIA Bertinoro, Italy – September 20th-22nd, 2018 In a world that seems continuously to be pushing the envelope of what is acceptable to the inhabitants of specific linguistic and cultural contexts, this interdisciplinary conference acknowledges the importance of investigating taboos and their reinforcement/breaking in various areas of language, culture and society, and across different cultures. We propose to explore the delicate balance and subtle boundaries between the need for inclusion and respect for different ethnic, religious, sexual, etc. backgrounds – which seems to be at the basis of modern multicultural societies – and a (un)conscious push towards the breaking of existing taboos, for example for shock value, as in the case of comedy and art. In such contexts, investigation of the linguistic, cultural, social, institutional and personal implications of taboo reinforcement/breaking appears of extreme value. For its 4th edition, The Taboo Conference series will specifically address the intricacies of taboo and/in the media in its various occurrences from the points of view of production, performance, and perception/reception and in the broadest spectrum of print and virtual media. The subject of taboo and/in the media seems to have become especially relevant in the last few years, in which political correctness at both the institutional and individual level has been seen, on the one hand, as a crucial tool in protecting people from verbal abuse...

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CfP: Film and Media History Conference “Stars and Screen”. Sept 27-29, 2018 @ Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ (USA). Deadline: June 15, 2018.

The “Stars and Screen” Film and Media History Conference is an Interdisciplinary Symposium dedicated to Film History, Archival Research, Cinema and Media History. In the ‘Golden Age’ of Classical Hollywood Cinema, MGM was known as the motion picture studio with “More Stars Than There Are In Heaven.” In fact, ‘Stars’ have illuminated cinematic screens for over 100 years, from classic movie stars (Bogart, Bacall, Hepburn, Chaplin) to films about Hollywood’s star factory (A Star Is Born, What Price Hollywood?) to shooting stars (Deep Impact), falling stars (Sunset Boulevard, Raging Bull), and stars in ‘space, the final frontier’ (Star Trek)...

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