Serialised Storytelling organises the second international conference “Cultures, memories, values” hosted by the Hanze University of Applied Sciences of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Conference date: 30th and 31st of October 2017.

Storytelling in a serialised form has become a popular vehicle to convey certain values, key events and many specific traits of a given culture. Despite globalisation and homogenisation of production techniques, themes, interests, subjects and styles within the media industry, the production of serialised stories in different audio-visual media forms is still capable of showing local, regional or national identities. What defines a culture is the role played by its history (memories, representations of the past) and its values, including socially shared and socially accepted set of rules, beliefs, customs, attitudes and priorities for the future.

This conference invites papers from within and across the humanities, social sciences and media/communication disciplines. A strong Media Studies perspective and the relevance of studying media / AV in this context is preferred. Papers about serialised stories broadcast by the media should focus on at least one of the following topics:

• (cross-)cultural media events / mediated events
• (cross-)cultural media representations of the past
• (cross-)cultural histories and memories in AV media
• (cross-)cultural identities in AV media
• national and international representations of values and beliefs
• (cross-)cultural conflicts and cultural expectations
• (cross-)cultural mediation and integration
• (cross-)cultural media representations of power struggles and resistance
• framing, misrepresentation, stereotyping in AV media
• the relation between local, regional, global and transnational filter bubbles

The conference is organised around paper presentations of 15 minutes, which are clustered in panels of three or four presenters, followed by a longer discussion. In order to facilitate a fruitful exchange of knowledge and feedback, the attendance of all the presenters is mandatory for the entire duration of the conference.

Download the full CFP for more info, guidelines and conference fees.

Apply and submit your abstract via the conference homepage at: