Join the International Media Education Summit (III INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MEDIA EDUCATION AND DIGITAL COMPETENCE) in Segovia in June 2017.

Each year the summit brings together a global network of media educators and media literacy practitioners to share research, pedagogy and innovation on all aspects of media education, media literacy education and media / technology in education.

Now running for ten years, MES is convened annually by the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice  and is now an international event, hosted in Prague in 2014, Boston, MA in 2015, Rome, 2016. In 2018 the Summit will be hosted in Hong Kong.

For 2017, MES forms a thread, in English, of the Third Conference of Media Education and Digital Competence (III Congreso de Educación Mediática y Competencia Digital) in Segovia (Spain)

This event consists of –

  • Conference in Segovia, Spain: 15-17 June, 2017
  • Virtual, or online, conference: May 1-31, 2017

The MES thread (in English) will consist of an MES keynote (presenter TBC), 8 discussions over two days  (of themes arising from work shared during the online pre-conference and 2 open forum workshops.

Proposals are invited for MES DISCUSSIONS (from material provided during the online phase) or open forum MERJ EXPERIENCES related to original pedagogic / educational research in the broad fields of media education, media literacy education and media / technology in education.

MES Discussions (1 hour) – these will not be formal presentations of individual work, but rather to group debates introduced and chaired by the proposal leader, related to the themes above.

MERJ Experiences (1 hour) – the range of possible formats for these is very broad, they may be more formal presentations of materials or sharing of media education experiences, video-forum panels, interactive modes, visits to educational centres, research group meetings or other group meetings, they may involve games or leisure activities, or other kinds of group experience.

Participants may choose to submit:·         A written document between 1000-4000 words.

·         A slide show or poster presentation between 10-20 slides.

·         A 3-10 minute video.

·         Other electronic formats (apps, interactive media, etc.)

These electronic submissions should be sent to

How to submit your file:

In the subject line, indicate that your submission is for the MES thread of the conference and whether it is a discussion or MERJ experience – eg MES Discussion submission or MES MERJ experience submission

In the body of the message, please indicate:

Author details (name, D.N.I., organization) including e-mail address

Title of submission


Please send the submission as an attachment to the message. The attachment should include the same title and summary/abstract, but no author details. The name of the attachment should be based on the first two or three words of the title. For example, if your submission is called “Augmented reality in the school environment,” then title the attachment “Augmented reality.doc/pdf/rtf/etc”

In the case of videos or other attachments too large to send by e-mail, the author can submit them to accessible spaces on the Internet (Youtube, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and provide a link in the body of the e-mail submission message.

Deadline for submissions: March 12, 2017.

Notification of acceptance: March 26, 2017.


Participants can register at The Third Conference of Media Education and Digital Competencies (III Congreso Internacional de Educación Mediática y Competencia Digital)