Launched in 1994, FX, an American pay television channel, has produced a critically acclaimed body of original dramatic and comedic TV series, including anthology and limited series.  Beginning in 2002, the FX channel started producing edgy television dramas addressing mature themes and content in a sprawling array of genres, including adult animation comedies, espionage thrillers, situation comedies, legal dramas, police dramas, work-related comedy-dramas, and superhero adventures.  FX also created ground-breaking documentary and reality series. While some academic research has focused on some individual series, there has not been any scholarly publications centered on the channel, its “house style,” and its programming history.

As such, in a similar vein as The Essential HBO Reader, this scholarly edited collection will critically analyze FX’s history and its import to prime-time television and platform streaming with chapters on its most critically noteworthy series.  A respected academic publisher has expressed interest in publishing the collection.

I’m seeking proposals for chapters on FX series from junior to senior scholars. Each chapter focuses on each series’ creation and production history, its aesthetics, performances, core themes, its association with generic conventions, and relevance to the FX channel.  Below are the series to be addressed in each chapter.

Dramas                                                                                   Comedies

The Americans                                                                   Archer

Damages                                                                             Atlanta

Justified                                                                               The Bear                                 

Legion                                                                                  Better Things

Pose                                                                                      It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Rescue Me                                                                           Louie

The Shield                                                                           Reservation Dogs

Sons of Anarchy                                                                You’re the Worst



Anthologies & Limited Series                                   Documentary & Reality Series

American Crime Story                                                          Black.White.

Devs                                                                                          New York Times Presents

Fargo                                                                                        30 Days

Feud                                                                                         Welcome to Wrexham

Mrs. America

Under the Banner of Heaven 

Please send abstracts of 300-500 words identifying your chosen series accompanied by a short third person author bio (100 words max) to as a Word document by March 10, 2024.  Final chapters should be 6000-8000 words including references.  For inquiries, please reach out to

Editor Bio

David Pierson is a professor of media studies at the University of Southern Maine.  He has published an edited collection Breaking Bad: Critical Essays on the Contexts, Politics, Style, and Reception of the Television Series, a monograph on The Fugitive TV series, along with published chapters and journal articles on such TV series as Better Call Saul, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Combat, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Mad Men, Seinfeld and The Shield.