As editors of a collection titled The Art of Artertainment: Nobrow, American Style, we warmly invite articles that focus on all aspects of American culture, such as literature, television, cinema, music, painting, material culture, photography, theater, and all other that are influenced by the crossovers of highbrow with lowbrow. Of special interest are historical and/or analytical approaches illuminated by colorful studies of cases where art and entertainment come together, written from the perspective of aesthetics, history, sociology, anthropology, art history, communications, digital culture, and the like.

Please send an abstract of minimum 400 words along with a biographical note to both editors, Peter Swirski, Distinguished Professor of American Studies and American Literature ( and Tero Eljas Vanhanen, Researcher in American Literature and Culture ( To coin a slogan, we are looking for highbrow content and reader-friendly, lowbrow style.

The deadline for the abstract submission is 1st September, 2017, but feel free to approach us any time.

Contact Email: