Dear colleagues,

We have just launched a new survey investigating the use of ‘trigger warnings’ in the classroom:

Trigger and content warnings are part of public space. Potentially triggering content, including that related to gender-based violence, suicide, and racist violence, is flagged for audiences on social media, in festival programmes, or through pre-broadcast announcements. This has raised questions about how to prepare students for potentially triggering content in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences classrooms, including in the teaching of fiction and entertainment media, as well as in the study of social welfare and policy development. What student-survivors actually need and/or expect in the classroom has, however, rarely been investigated. Issues are complicated by the fact that in much public debate, trauma, distress and offence have been unhelpfully grouped together. Focusing on gender-based violence, and working with colleagues in Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis, this research is gathering information on current practice and investigating staff and student-survivor experiences and needs, to ask what trauma informed curricula might look like.

If you are based in the UK and teach in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences we would love to hear from you. You can take our survey here:

For further information about the project including the survey and our online/hybrid focus groups please email us

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Karen Boyle, Melanie McCarry, and Melody House