It is hard to imagine that Autumn is around the corner as we all bask in a late heatwave.  And as I sit in front on my computer on the hottest day ever in October (since records began) I am pondering TV’s Autumn season so far.

Glee has returned. And despite the legions of fans jumping ship I find myself drawn back to the series, besotted as I am with Sue Sylvester, particularly her un-PC-ness:  Her hatred of Will Schuester:

Her loyal assistant Becky:

And more hatred of Will Schuester:

Love of Sue aside, I am anticipating that this will be the last season that I stay with the show – after all, the members of Glee club have to graduate and I wonder if the series really has the legs to last without stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.

Even if Gwyneth Paltrow does become a regular – something she has denied due to living in London – I can’t see the series lasting much beyond season 4.

As the songs become cheesier and the storylines become ever more far-fetched it is Sue that gets me through.

And, as this fan on Youtube has suggested, maybe we could still be watching Sue Sylvester for years to come.

Fantasies aside, I have a sneaking suspicion that as long as the awesome coach of the Cheerios remains with the cast of Glee then so will I.