This symposium argues that New Queer Horror projects contemporary anxieties within LGBTQ+ subcultures onto its characters and into its narratives, building upon the previously figurative role of queer monstrosity in the moving image. Existing and future work on Queer Horror seeks to explore the shifting approaches to the representation of queerness in horror film and television and via that examination also endeavours to develop a clearer understanding of the sub-genre’s changing aesthetics, themes and depicted queer identities in the twenty first century.

Abstracts for papers are open (but not limited to) the following broad range of topics and contemporary debates in relation to queerness in horror film and TV.

  • LGBTQ+ identities in modern Horror film and television texts
  • Modern Queer Horror auteurs
  • Queer representations of Gender – Masculinity/Femininity/Transgender
  • Queer appropriations of ‘Classical Horror’ (in television, theatre or film)
  • Homonormativity in Queer Horror
  • Eroticism and Pornography in Queer Horror
  • Genre intersections/fusions of Horror with other forms
  • Queer Horror inter-textuality and self-reflexivity

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words, accompanied by a short 150 word bio and should be sent to Dr. Darren Elliott-Smith (University of Hertfordshire): Deadline: Sunday March 31st 2019.

This symposium/project is part of the ongoing work of the Media Research Group (Humanities) at the University of Hertfordshire and is supported by The Odyssey Cinema, and by funding from BAFTSS.