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The inaugural Sound on Screen conference welcomes submissions from scholars that explore the relationship between music and/or sound and the screen. We welcome submissions from scholars at any career stage, and from a wide range of disciplines such as (but not restricted to) musicology, film and television studies, cultural studies, communications studies and so forth. Film music studies is now a well-established sub-discipline both within musicology and film studies. Volumes such as Mera, Sadoff, and Winters (2017) help frame the field of music and sound ‘within the context of narrative media’ and help shape further the discussion of sound across a multiplicity of screens and a variety of modality of film consumption. It is within this breadth of contexts that we welcome papers from this popular area of research, but we particularly welcome papers that approach developing avenues of research such as the use of sound in film or television, or music for the smaller screen such as television or on-demand mobile media. Mera, Sadoff, and Winters (2017: 1) claim that ‘screens are now ubiquitous in our lives’, and so the academic study of the accompanying music and sound has never been more pertinent. This conference takes its cue from Chion (1994) and Mera et al. (2017) in drawing together ‘different practices and technologies under the same umbrella without attempting to obfuscate the differences that exist between them’.

Topics might include:

  •  Music and Sound in the Golden Age of Hollywood
  •  Music and Sound in Narrative Television
  •  Music and Sound in European cinema
  •  Music and Sound in Documentary film
  •  Music and Sound in Traumatic film and/or television
  •  The Absence of Music and Sound in film and television
  •  Music and Sound in Animated film and television
  •  Audience Engagement with Music and Sound in Film
  •  Sound on Screen as Practice: Composers and/or Sound Design
  •  Sound effects and/or noise on screen

The programme committee consists of Dr. Jan Butler (Senior Lecturer in Popular Music, Oxford Brookes University), Dr. James Cateridge (Senior Lecturer in Film, Oxford Brookes University), and Dr. Matt Lawson (Senior Lecturer in Music, Oxford Brookes University), Dr. Lindsay Steenberg (Reader in Film, Oxford Brookes University) Prof. Daniela Treveri Gennari (Professor of Cinema Studies, Oxford Brookes University).

The Conference is organised with the support of the Centre of Research in the Arts (CoRA)

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